[SOLVED] PRIME 2 - Virtual DJ auto mapping not working


I noticed software detect device but not assign mapping automatically

Any idea why?

Any solution?

Many thanks for your help :blush:

You need to be asking on the VDJ forum rather than here - and provide as much detail as possible. Type of computer, operating system, VDJ version (inc build), Prime 2 firmware etc. etc.

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Hello Thanks for your reply

Fixed by making a new computer and installing software :blush:

Try usimg it in standalone… Vdj can crash and hang as much as it wants and you will find it more responsive as there is no lag between pc and prime on usb cable.

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I will use standalone mode soon as possible

I use VDJ the time to clean and have a sound database as expected

For the new computer

HP 840 G3 I3 6100U 32gb ddr4 IGPU Intel 520 AMD Radeon R7 M2 512gb SSD 1tb

VDJ is totally under control and my test yesterday show no issue :blush:

Specs are more than capable lol… For going over to standalone it is a bit weird to start with (you will find yourself reaching for a non existant laptop lol) but after about ten minutes its an absolute dream. My advice (for what its worth) is to grab a 2.5" ssd and an external caddy. Bang all your music on it in the order that you like it in. Then in engine open that drive up and make your playlists from there. Then when you add music just add them onto drive in the same wsy then use engine to make lists ir add to existing lists. No sync no export . Then to back drive up just either clone it or copy everything to backup drive. You csn also use that drive on vdj too and you will be happily flicking between the two as you know your library is the same on both.