Software update v1.5.4

Software update v1.5.4. When will it be available for download?

That does not look like a valid software number…

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Wygląda na to, że ktoś coś przeoczył na QC. Oficjalnie tej wersji softu nie ma.

I don’t know if there is or not. similar questions are posted in this post on FB and one user confirmed that a week ago he bought Prime 4 with this soft. please read it under the post.

Yes. We ´re still waiting… it’s long till september

Hi Everyone,

The feature set between v1.5.3 and v1.5.4 are identical.

v.1.5.4 includes support an internal component change. Same spec, and quality, just a different source/vendor which required a firmware update at the factory level. The newer production SC5000/M may also ship with this version until 1.6.0 is final. The next public feature release will be v1.6.0.


What components have been changed and how will this affect the update for Prime 4 that we previously produced and purchased?

Hi @Saint_Angel - It is common for internal components to change over a products lifecycle. This can be due to a number of reasons such as a part going end of life or availability. When this happens, our engineers develop and test the new components to ensure there is never a performance difference between the production runs.

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