Small electric shocks

Now that the days are getting colder, I get more and more small electric shocks when I touch my Denon Prime 4. I have connected my appliance to an “ungrounded” connection. To try it out, I took power from an earthed socket with an earthed extension cable. I have not been bothered by it so far (a week), but my question is have more DJs experienced this and what solutions have they found.

Of course. Pro gear should always be used with grounding. Especially the Primes for touchplatter reasons.

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Any touch capacitive device should be properly grounded

This happens because the Prime 4 power supply (like all modern power supplies) has some anti-disturbance and surge protection filters: there are varistors, coils and capacitors, and all are connected to the ground line to drain the disturbances. If you do not connect the ground you risk that the metal parts of the console (which are connected to the ground inside the Prime 4) may have a certain voltage level (compared to the floor which is connected to the ground of the power line) and therefore you can feel this little electric shock.

Always ground the console, even if you are using UPS power supplies! :wink:

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Thanks everyone for your answers.

My MacBook was charging and I repositioned it while I was mixing and caused the platter to go mental and ‘pulse’ the sound along with the platter ring lighting.

Talk about a live science experiment in grounding!

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