Slowing and speeding up like you would on a record player?

Hi all. Can the sc6000m act like a proper record player would for djing? I have tried speeding up or slowing down using the center needle but it does nothing until enough pressure is applied and then the music just completely stops.

I have only found that only after turning off the motor or using the pitch buttons work for quick alterations to the playing music for beat matching which is slightly off.

You mean tweaking the spindle? That technique doesn’t work because unlike a real turntable the central spindle is not attached to the turntable platter itself. It’s instead attached to the vinyl via a clamp, so the device can sense and track the speed of rotation of the vinyl, not the aluminium disk. You need to push or finger-drag the aluminium platter side rather than twisting the spindle on a player like this.

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Are you using high torque or low torque? Try it on low torque.

Tried both but made no difference. Such a shame as I thought this was supposed to mimic a record player when djing. Don’t get me wrong though, it is a lovely unit overall but I probably would not have bought this version if I knew that.

It does mimic a record player - it rotates!

However that’s where the similarity ends. It’s a digital media player.

Unlike the old SL1200 decks, we now have pitch bend buttons for nudging, so there’s no need to squeeze the spindle or touch the edge of the platter any more.

I certainly don’t miss that heavy hand after few too many causing all raft of chaos in the mix. Now, pitch bend buttons save the day!!

I still use the platter only after I scrub in a drop. It takes to long to reach over to the pitch bend buttons to fix things :laughing:. The rest of the stuff I’ll use the pitch bend buttons.

I had similar problems with my 5000m’s when I first started out with them. Coming from 1210s I was struggling to make the fine adjustments by tweaking the spindle or nudging the vinyl and kept knocking everything out of sync. Fine adjustments best made touching the platter not the vinly. Once you get the hang its not to dissimilar to using a turntable. I only use the vinyl for cueingn and dropping my track in.

Can’t say I’ve ever used the pitch bend buttons

I was going to post and ask how you guys are tweaking the pitch on the M’s. On my 1210’s I’ve always pushed (gently) the vinyl on the label to speed up and drag on the platter to slow down. Does pushing on the label not work very well. IE speeds up way to much ?

I currently have a Kontrol S4 mk3 and I cannot push via the top platter with any real accuracy when in TT mode so leave it in jog mode.

Using the control vinly to slow the track slightly works well for me on the 5000m. Trying to speed it a touch using the vinyl is useless and I just kep chucking it out if sync and spoiling my mix. Using the platter itself works very nicely. Only issue I have with my 5000s is all the bugs I have started getting with the latest firmware update. They were brilliant before.

Non-M version for me then. Will probably just go for the Prime 4 and save some cash as I only play at home anyways.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It’s a beast. :gorilla:

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