Slicer on Denon DJ MCX8000:

Hi there,

I have enjoyed using my MCX8000 in Standalone, with one specific gripe: Slicer mode. I don’t know what this mode is accomplishing, but unless its primary function is to aggravate users, I can assure you it is not working.

For an example of a successful Slicer Mode implentation, please reference Serato DJ. This is how Slicer is supposed to work; hitting the pads will take you to a specific slice of the phrase playing, whether that phrase is in looped mode, or not. Serato’s Slicer nails it on the head providing you have proper beatgridding set; Engine’s does not and is essentially a less-useful Roll mode, which already exists in Engine (and for what it’s worth, Engine’s Roll mode functions flawlessly).

Before anyone says, “But, that’s just copying!” I can assure you, Slicer as a concept is not one that is trademarked. Just like Roll, it can be implemented in Engine without stepping on any toes. To those of you who say “Just use Serato then, if it’s so much better!”, thank you, but one of the primary reasons I got this controller was to not have to carry around a laptop. It just seems silly to even advertise it as a function if it’s not going to function as one would expect.

Many thanks and appreciation in getting Engine’s Slicer mode to a useable state. I’m sure I’m not the only one would appreciate this!


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A forthcoming version of the new Engine Prime software will allow the software to save the music library in a format which the MCX8000 can utilise.

Thanks for responding, but what does that mean exactly? Having run all of my music through Engine 1.5, shouldn’t the 8000 be able to utilize it? My concern is more with the functionality of the Slicer option. I could understand if it wasn’t working on unanalyzed files, but that is not the case here.

As you posted the question in the Engine 1.5 section of the forum, I responded in kind. Slicer is, of course, a BPM related effect, if the BPM and the beat grid are off, even marginally, then BPM/beatgrided effects may not perform as well as they potentially could. Since Engine 1.5 and Engine Prime have different BPM/beatgrid routines, it’ll be worth seeing how Slicer performs on MCX after that version of Engine Prime is out.

Unfortunately, we as users have seen no communication from Denon DJ as to when that will be, with the last update having come in January, or March, depending on your sources.

I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned and hope that when (a month from now? 6 months?) this version of Engine Prime is released, it will sort out this issue.

Thanks for your reply.