Simultaneous FX effects

Hi everyone, I am considering purchasing the PRIME 4 but I have some doubts about the various functions and I hope to find the answer here to my questions. Let’s start with the first: Is it possible to enable more than one effect at the same time? In the FX1 bank, if I with the FX SELECT knob select the “Echo” effect (for example), then I press the ON button and activate the effect (button lit), if while the effect is active I turn the FX SELECT knob what happens to the “Echo” effect? Does it continue to be active? Is it deactivated? Thanks Andrea

You can apply combinations of effects by using the fx bank at the same time as the individual channel Sweep effects and filters.

So if you want to use flanger from the fx bank, then also use dub echo from the channel sweep fx, then that can be done.

Yes, I knew that I can use SWEEP FX together with FX EFFECTS (also because they are two separate commands). Instead I was referring to the effects both contained in FX EFFECTS. For example, can I activate “Ping Pong” and “Flanger” together?


From a practical point of view It would take way too much button pressing to choose which effect you wanted to switch off at the right moment, if you had several fx running.

So if I have an effect activated (button lit) and I turn the effect selection knob, what happens? Is the active effect deactivated automatically?

I don’t think I’ve ever done that - sorry. But you definitely don’t get two fx simultaneously

When I’ve got an effect on, it’s only that effect that I’ll want all the effect controls to control

Yes the old effect stops as soon as you scroll to the next effect. Thanks

I have seen that when Prime 4 is connected to Serato DJ PRO, the three knobs take on different functions. They can simultaneously set up three different effects, this can be good. Too bad that the PRIME 4 in stand-alone version does not allow you to do the same operation, it would be enough to copy the same use of the knobs as happens in combination with Serato.

I disagree on the MCX8000 running Serato you can layer a total of 3 effects and turn on and off how you see fit. I’ve seen DJ’s use all three nicely.

That 8000 Though had an separate fx on off button for each of the three fx - so you’ve got instant separate control over each fx -there’s only on in off fx control on the prime - thata the big difference

Good Point! I did not take into consideration, there aren’t any separate dedicated buttons.

It is true that the MCX8000 has three separate buttons to activate the three effects. However (as I have already written above) even the Prime 4 when used in combination with Serato DJ PRO gets the possibility to activate three effects simultaneously using the three knobs and the relative three buttons (below them) to control three separate effects. If it is possible to do it with Serato, it could also be done in stand-alone mode. Or perhaps it was not done to try to achieve a more similar operation to competing products (Pioneer) which have a single contemporary effect.

It’s easy to get this mixed up. I used to as well

When a smart console / standalone unit is in midi mode working with DJ software on a laptop the smart console just turns into a cardboard box full of doorbell buttons, wires, and lights. In this mode, all the smart consoles brains and fx chip get thrown Overboard. The buttons just switch on and switch off the abilities and functions in the DJ software. So if the DJ software can do 10 fx at once, the box of doorbell buttons can do 10fx at once, even if the smart consoles fx chip hardware can only manage one fx at a time the internal fx chip of a smart console isn’t used at all when the smart console is running dumb into DJ software

Yes, that’s true. It depends on whether the internal hardware of the Prime 4 is capable of generating and managing 3 effects simultaneously.

That’s what I mean. When it’s in midi or DJ software mode, the prime 4 will stop “generating”, stop “Thinking” and just becomes a docile lump of buttons.

It’s somewhat similar to having an amazing i7 laptop but sometimes you just connect it to your PC to pretend to be a €10 qwerty keyboard for some typing.

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