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Would it be possible to add a shuffle feature on the playlists in the prime series? I would like to put together some dinner music playlists for weddings but i dont want to play the same songs in the same order everytime.



It is certainly feasible, but we have to see if they (Denon DJ guy) think it is a right function to implement.

I do this: the same crate or playlist I play once in BPM order, once in key order, once in alphabetical order and so on. So you change the sequence. :wink:

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I support Shuffle playback, along with some minor tweaking to Continuous Mode so it auto mixes instead of just having dead air between songs. Perhaps a choice of fade in/out seconds to control the auto mix… Just like what the djay app for Android & IOS currently has to offer… I agree, it would be nice to have these bsic options. .

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I’m also really heavy looking for the feature to play the titles in a playlist randomly and even better to auto mix it … RekordBox can do this since years!

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Me too! Sometimes I just need it and have to plug my phone to do it instead of my controller. :frowning:

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This is what I do too, although I prefer to think about the playlists and create them in the order that I want them to play, rather than just leaving the playback to mere chance.

There’s plenty of fields to sort any playlist by, plus it’s only really the DJ and the venue staff that are going to (eventually) notice a playlist played multiple times in the same order.

I got you point. But o the other hand EVERY DJ solution in the market is able to play lists shuffled and even mix it. I can’t imagine that @DenonDJ_Support_DE is not able to implement such a simple feature. Denon claim the professional DJ market for themself … so DJs need a usable solution for dinner music via playlist or second stage.

at least my mind.

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There is no shuffle option on CDJ2000nxs, nxs2 and 3000…

IMO if it’s just for “dinner music” then it doesn’t need to be shuffled or mixed. It’s just background music, one track after another.

Personally, I wouldn’t even use a playlist. When someone hires me to DJ their event then I will DJ - not leave it to an automated playlist.

There is an open feature request here: Please add your voice and vote to this post if you feel this is worth implementing.

I’m closing this post to encourage discussion in the feature request section.