Show your home DJ booth (Part 1)

It’s difficult to describe and it must be a placebo effect…

When set to lightest position, the platter can spin fast when touching the top. In that same lightest setting, when touching the ring, it responds “heavier”. Probably because you can give it more momentum on the platter than on the ring, but it really feels like it adapts. :man_shrugging:t2:

Oh, so it sounds like you’re saying touching the top platter touch activates additional gears or something. Weird.

NI has implemented something similar with the S4MK3, probably very different tech inside, though.

But that had a motor, didn’t it?

It could all be simple physics, but I found it to be clever. :nerd_face:

The motor tech allows for the difference in resistance. Nudging at the rim, there’s regular resistance, as expected from a spinning jog. As soon as you touch the metal surface, the motor resistance will be decreased, allowing for speedy scratches and long back spins.

I highly doubt Denon have this kind of magnetic resistance built in. However, your observation sounds really promising!

I’ll keep it at physics for now; don’t want to state things here that would not be true.

Bottom line is that the jogs feel really good as stated earlier as an improvement upon the 5000’s.

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It can have an electro-magnetic break system maybe? Gear feeling could come from the magnets spacing, and passing the coils…?

I just gotta make some more space (to embrace the recent future)… :relieved:


Rub it in, why don’t you. Jammy b45t4rd! :laughing:

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Haha, I gladly take that responsibility bestowed on me. Very privileged of course. :innocent:

I hope they will be available soon. They are really beasts.

Interesting fader caps you got there :rofl:

Is the illumination of the performance pads bright enough during daylight?

Yeah I’m from the old Dutch DJ mixer era, so 100mm studio style faders and ditto caps. :wink:

About the pads in daylight. On the 5000’s the area is of course much bigger. Also because of the outside illumination on the 5000, the viewing angle might be a bit better.

However, I have no issues with the toned down stripes illumination. For me it’s way better on the 6000. Personal taste of course.

Viewing angle photo added:


Just waiting on my SC6000s to arrive. Then I can ditch the laptop and the audio interface. I’m keeping the XONE:92 :wink:


As my youngest would say, “Super Jelly”. But serious, those SC6000s look damn good. :smiley:

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Wait till you see the 6000M. Denon knocked this out of the park!



Retail or “early access”?

People are already getting their delivery :man_genie:


Just received mine today in New Jersey, USA! Blown away is an understatement. Looking forward to seeing some of your setups! Easy on my pics, not a photographer :laughing:


Old photo, but: Systems powered OFF.


The tactile response of the platters on the 6000Ms is insane. Feels just like vinyl.