Show your home DJ booth (Part 1)

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I always wondered why there are 2 "Show us your DJ booth threads. This one is under DJ Lunge traktor for some reason

Someone tagged this one with a Traktor tag early on. The other thread is for gear discussions that result from this thread, this one is supposed to just be pics with minor commentary.

Traktor tag removed accordingly. Not needed anymore imho.

I opted for the idea to make a side-chain topic to have the original topic full of pics (plus some brief comments) and the other one to discuss extensively about the home booth.

Back on-topic: Less text and more photos, peeps!! :sunglasses:


If you were to set those decks at an angle would they operate normally?

Beautiful setup. Super Clean. Love the accent

Love this … full swing pro setup.

Thumbs up on those Dateqs! Vooral die vibe is erg bijzonder!

Finally got my Lucia-X in, set up, and tidy. And, yes, @STU-C , those are KRK Ferrari Grey studio monitors. Due to space constraints, I just couldn’t fit the speakers I wanted that would really make the Lucia-X shine. But, a friend of mine who has a CNC machine is in the process of building me some custom speakers that will fit my very limited space. I live in a tiny apartment, so my setup has to be in my bedroom…I literally have no choice in the matter. Anyway, I am really happy with this turntable focused setup.


Looks awesome, i would enjoy mixing on there no doubt, perfect for home DJing too with the techs :+1:t3:

One piece of advice that I’ve just learnt myself recently, get a cheap 8” sub (I bought a Presonus one for £150) and it will bring your monitors to life, I tried using the focal shape 50s I bought on their own and it was just ruining them. I’d say that small investment does far more for a setup than almost any level of monitor.

I crossed it over slightly into the mids and run it fairly low, just to take the strain off the drivers, more as a compliment than really trying to smash the bass out (that would result in my clothes on the front lawn lol)

Made space on my ikea shelf in one of the pods, it fits perfectly

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Yeah, I have a 10" KRK for my other setup, and it made a HUGE difference. I was thinking of getting the 8" variant of the KRK, but I’ll definitely look into the Presonus. I do have the space to the left side of this desk to fit the 8" KRK, but the Presonus fitting into one of the unused cubbies is definitely something to consider.

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I’m now of the opinion that even a cheap 100 quid pair of monitors will sound great with a sub, it’s the first time ive ever had one for my DJ rig and it was like some portal to another world had opened lol. I think that’s the right decision for your setup there, a little 8” sub won’t be too mental so the neighbours won’t be annoyed and more importantly it’ll fit into one of the pods underneath of your trying to manage space.

I’ve just uploaded a short of mine in action, this is just recorded with an iPhone and even then I still think it sounds good, some credit to Apple for their mic quality I guess but definitely the Presonus has made a hell of a difference.

Big fan of Presonus here. My day job’s in radio. During lockdown all our commercial producers worked from home with a pair of E4.5’s, & since returning a couple of them have specified them for their “proper” studios back at work


It’s impressed me I must admit, the focal sub is £1100 and I thought no way am I spending the cost of my mixer on a sub for a small room. I’d recommend them to anyone now.

Not the home DJ booth, and 100% not for anyone with OCD…. But this is my temporary rig for gigs whilst the Prime 2 is away. Can’t believe I just did a 4hr set on this thing :rofl:.



Love this, a right setup.

This is what I’ve been using mostly for the past month and a half. (I’ll have a denon setup to post soon :wink:)


Str150’s? I had them about 9 years ago…

Great turntable Little DIY hack Change the feet with some Technics 1200, better quality and it’s look good too

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It maybe an oldie but it’s still a goodie. I like that I can hook up all my obsolete gear to an iPhone and still keep up with current features and have fun with it.

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