Show live bars on track preview/overview

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I saw a YouTube of a Pioneer user putting his finger on the track overview waveform of the paying song and sliding his finger around and seeing the bars etc. being displayed.

The point of this is that he could put his finger on the outro for example, and see how many bars it was till the end. He could then instantly know when to start the new song to mix in.

He could do all of this without effecting the playing song.

I think this is brilliant and would be a useful feature. Also, to see the track waveform in the track selection list library.

Thanks C.

Do you remember what hardware Pioneer was using in that video?

I think it was a CDJ3000. They ran their finger along the small waveform and it showed the bars from that point…

Saw that one to, it was Phil Harris. I thought it was very helpfull indeed.

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This will be super helpful, I think you need to follow the template in order to make it a real feature request that can be voted

Also i saw a post related to this issue that is being voted, but using hot cue points and counting down bars to placed cue points but I see this approach far more simple and useful

Do you mean something like this?

I’ve already submitted a feature request for such a question. You can upvote it.

Not related, this is a feature on top of current bar count, yours is related to previews

Sorry, my mistake. I misunderstood it. But your approach is really very helpful and effective. I’m using a workaround where I activate and deactivate a loop (64 or 32 bars), and then I can see the inactive loop in the wave preview at the bottom, which tells me the length of a section. This way, I can determine whether an outro or intro is 64, 32, or 16 bars long.

Definitively will use your approach until we get this feature!! Super useful thanks :muscle::muscle:

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