Should the cue always be on the first beat?

Hey, I’m wondering if I should set all cues on my tracks to the first beat to aid beat-matching? Or is it ok to bring in a track without a beat in the intro?


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Hello @bekind Welcome to the forum.

It is all up to You and Your style of mixing. Some tracks are good to mix with beat only, some are not. Check what sounds best for you.


I set my first hot cue at the place where I want to drop the track in from. Sometimes that’s the first beat, sometimes it isn’t. If it isn’t, I then set a second hot cue at the first beat so I can jump to it for beat matching.

Edit - you can then do a 4 bar / 8 bar loop at your first beat, and then skip back to the beginning of the track (shift-loop turn anti-clockwise), so the beatless section is in phase, and drop in when needed.

I think I can picture what you mean. So you cue the track at the first beat, beatmatch, create a loop and then move that loop back to the intro section (that’s doesn’t have a beat) and it will all be in time - is that what you mean by in phrase? Then I’d bring in the new track by cancelling the loop?

Exactly mate, saves the need to try and pick out any rhythmic sounds and make sure they are in time. I usually leave it until the 8 bar section before I want to mix in then bring it back, as soon as the mix is “live”, turn the loop off and it should all be in time.

You can also use standard beatjump. Beat match when there is a beat, then jump back to phrase right.

I use this for all those top40/pop that starts bang on the first count.

eg DaBaby … the guy starts rapping immediately, like he has got somewhere else to be than the studio