Shifted Beatgrid on MCX8000

Hello everyone.

I have a Problem with my MCX8000

I prepare all my tracks on Engine Prime anf every Track is MCX Compatible.

When i sync it to my USB Drive and put in in the MCC8000 everything works fine.

Except. My Beatgrid is shifted (unfortunately i cannot attach Pictures)

Engine Prime Version: 1.6.1 MCX800 Firmware: 2.5

I am looking forward for your help Thanks in Advance

Take a video, put it on youtube and post the link here

This should work

Is your track collection imported into Engine Prime from another software?

I see most of similar cases were reported because of it:

As far as i know, no.

I buy them on ITunes (don‘t hate me please) Download them and then configure everything in Engine Prime.

Ok, do you download the files as mp3 or is it in that apple media format ( I think it’s .aac)?

I see what you are going for I also thought about that.

I download them in stock format .m4a But i doubt this is the reason. The problem also occurs with .mp3 and .wav format.

Can you repeat the bug? Like if you delete the song from your collection, then download it again, add to Engine Prime 1.6.1 and export it to USB does it happen again?

On how many tracks does it happen? All? Majority of tracks? Only some?

Have you tried cleaning the downloaded tracks from all metadata (id3 tags) and then going through Engine? Have you tested with some tracks that are not downloaded through iTunes?

There is really a lot that you can do to troubleshoot this issue if you want to find a workaround.

It‘s on all my Tracks. Wether I downloaded from ITunes, Bandcamp or exported from CD‘s… Even my own tracks i exported from Ableton.

I‘ve tried deleting my whole library and all Tags and Informations.

I think i will just life with it.

At least the shifting is the same on all Tracks and not that much, nothing a good bestmatch couldn’t fix.

Are you exporting using the special export button in Engine Prime?

@CRAER_Music Have you tried right clicking the tracks in Engine Prime and reanalysing them? They may need two passes.

Earlier versions of Engine Prime trusted the BPM that was in the tag over its own analysis if I remember.

I used to have the MCX8000 when it launched and don’t remember the beatgrids being out like that on standalone or Serato DJ.