Sharing my LC6000 Traktor mapping

Dear Traktor users,

I’d like to share my Traktor mapping. Lots of work went in to it ;-).

User info:

Duplicate the mapping for a second LC6000 unit. You need to assign the LC6000 each startup when you have 2 units…

On startup you’ll enter Deck select mode. Use the arrows to select deck side (Left = Decks AC / Right = Decks BD) Slip button will enter Deck select mode again. (No Shift required)

Performance modes Hot cue button = Hot cue mode (Shift + Pad = Delete/Shift + Arrows = Change type) Loop button = Loop mode (Size + Set) Roll button = Beat jump mode (Size) Slicer button = Freeze mode (Sensor button will toggle ON/OFF / Arrows = size)

Browser Push Select/Zoom encoder = Open browser BACK button will toggle List/Tree select (default is list) FWD button = Load track

Some small items: Pitch bend buttons = Key semitones up/down Needle drop and track skip only function when deck play is OFF (With intention) Hot cue delete doesn’t function for Hot cue 1 (With intention)

Have fun!

Rgds, Michiel

Denon LC6000 4-Deck DearMrMean.tsi (806.2 KB)