Setting first grid marker at exactly zero time

I’ve downloaded a bunch of 2 bar loops. First of all, Engine Prime recorgnised the BPM in all of them wrongly, but that’s ok, because I can just reset them from 117 to 125, which they are. However, in some of them it automatically placed the first beat grid marker not at the beginning. However hard I try to use < and > controls to shift the grid, I cannot shift it to zero time exactly, it either slightly overshoots, or slighly undershoots. There really should be an option to snap the first marker in the grid to zero time (exactly the beginning of the loop). Because of this, I cannot make it loop the whole 8 beat loop, because the last marker is behind the end of the loop. I can only make a 4 beat loop. Again, the problem is that there is no option to snap the first marker to the beginning of the loop (zero time). Please help if you know how to do that. Thank you!

Hello Akuz, if you press the shift key when pressing < or > it does in smaller amounts.

Thanks! That still doesn’t allow snapping the grid to zero time (I think), you’ll just be getting closer to zero, but still around it.