Set manual BPM in tracks for 250+ BPM

Hello, I am fixing my music library and when I have reached the Uptempo folder, I have found songs that have to go over 250Bpm but it is impossible to place it in Engine Prime.

Is there any method for it?

I leave you a video as an example:

Do you perhaps know the answer, @NoiseRiser? You operate in those bpm regions as well! :relieved:

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250 is uptempo ha.

There I am thinking 110 ishh is uptempo


Funny thing. YouTube’s next cued video on my side is a Dutch brain professor talking about “it’s good for the elderly’s health to pick up running as a sport”…

Up-tempo is in the regions of 190-230. 250+ is speedcore or terror - depends a bit on the track it self.

I have those tracks set to half of the bpm because of the engine’s 250 bpm limit… For example if the track is 300 - set 150. If it’s 267 - then it’s 133,5…

It’s a bit annoying to set it up this way, but for now there is no better workaround this. I still don’t get why they don’t fix this, as looping and slicing or even roll don’t work properly because of that stupid limitation… Also effects on x1800 would work better with engine connect if bpm could reach the correct number.

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I called him Uptempo for simplifying: D

Well, if at the moment there is no solution, I will wait until there is one.

Thank you very much for the help!

250+ BPM, holy s***, that’s like running a full sprint for the entire night!!

I’m tired just writing this…

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Search GPF or Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz in Google… :smiley:


Since switching to digital, I’ve always used the 100-199 bpm range. Its just easier to get used to doing the math and knowing the bpm range will display correctly on any player.

Gpf is slow :wink: Check necrosystem or press terror


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