Serious Static Problem SC5000

One of my SC5000s has a staticky slow down problem. I noticed it about a week ago but couldn’t duplicate it. Today I just started randomly selecting songs and while I was scrolling, the current song playing will slow down and create staticky noises. Sometimes you don’t have to scroll to get the static. What’s going on?

Does turning vinyl mode off fix it? If it does…

  1. Check the ground on the AC to make sure the line is grounded. Usually if it’s not, though, you just find that your hand can trigger the touch of the platter within like a cm or so of the surface and is predictable, with a definite on and off to the touch, which is not as bad as this next issue…

  2. The ground inside the platter mechanism might have issues. Unlike 1, this is unpredictable and seems to stutter and slow things down, so fast in its intermittency that you might not even be able to see the flickering of the ring LED. Mine get this sometimes and all three are prevented from this occurring before playing on them by simply grabbing around the edges of the jog and lifting it up about a mm or two, it will barely move, then when it’s back down I rotate back and forth. It seems to reseat the mechanism contacts in there. If the unit is completely unplugged, you can do the lifting part just with the unit upside down, as it will pop that mm or two away from the bottom resting placement on its own and then go back down as you put the unit right side up again.

If turning off vinyl didn’t make any difference, then 1 and 2 aren’t going to do anything and you probably need to call support.

If it is 2, then if you would be so kind, please heart this feature request that will make detecting this issue easier for people…

I can’t tell if any one worked because it stopped before I got this message. I’ll let you know if either helps if and when it happens again. Thanks for your help.

  1. Also try wiggling the AC cable into the unit and touching the labeled ground screw next to the AC port on the back of the unit. I just had this issue happen magically for the first time in probably months and my jog remedy (#2) this time didn’t fix it. It only happened when my hand was near the platter, almost like when I have no ground in a venue. When the touch is working right, touching just the LED ring shouldn’t trigger anything and you should be able to lightly touch the platter without triggering anything, too.

Just turned on the player and it’s the same player always with the problem. Everything is grounded properly.This timeI tried the on and off with the vinyl switch and it worked. But I had to do it several times. Really annoying! I don’t think I can live with this issue. This may be the point where we part our separate ways. Unless its a cheap fix.

I didn’t mean toggle the vinyl mode as a possible solution, rather I meant if it’s indeed the touch platter then the problem will stop while vinyl mode is off. Think of it as a litmus test. If it was some sort of playback glitch, then vinyl mode off wouldn’t do anything.

@GregG Sorry to hear of the trouble!

What you’ve described is not expected behavior. Please visit the link below to contact our support team for further assistance.

Denon DJ Global Support

We apologize for the inconvenience but promise to resolve this for you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

This seems to happen more when the SC5000 has been off for awhile. Once you select a song you’ll notice the static. When you scroll or adjust the wave form, you can hear the track slow down or speed up. After I leave it on for a few hours it seems to settle down.