Serato vs engine

Hi all. I have just received my sc5000 setup and I was wondering should I purchase serato and set all my tracks up using serato instead of engine, and then import them into engine. The reason I am asking is it is great that engine allows import from serato and rekordbox but not the other way around and I don’t want to get stuck in a situation where all my tracks are not usable because they are all in engine format. Anyone dojnv something similar.

I do my analysis and library management in Serato.

Cue points, Loops, BPM analysis all done in Serato.

It’s a breeze.

Serato DJ Pro is free to download (offline player), you only need to pay if you plan to use the full software. (If you need to dj with it connected to a mixer/controller)

This is kind of what I was thinking, I didn’t know there was a free version.

I would at any time choose to set it up with iTunes, as it works with Serato, Engine, Rekordbox, VDJ etc.

At the moment my flow is:

  1. Import to iTunes and put in correct crates
  2. Run tracks through Mixed In Key
  3. Import to Serato
  4. Import from Serato to Engine

But if I on day choose to use VDJ or Rekordbox, I can simply import from iTunes.

Apologies I haven’t played in over a decade. So I need to buy mixed in key. What does that do and then I import all my music to iTunes

Oh you dont need to buy Mixed In Key…

I forgot to say, that that part is optional - Sorry m8.

Mixed In Key is just a program that analyze the tracks and even put in Hotcues, which then are transfered to Serato, and from Serato to Engine.

But you can just take steps 1,3 and 4. Step 2 is optional. :slightly_smiling_face:

How are you bringing over your cue points? Everytime I have done it I’ve lost my cue points? :thinking::thinking:

More info needed

What’s your workflow?


  1. Download new tunes

  2. Add them to serato

  3. Analyse

  4. Adjust grid if necessary

  5. Edit metadata if necessary

  6. Place cue points

  7. Exit Serato

  8. Launch EP

  9. Refresh Serato Library

  10. Delete old crates in EP as it still doesn’t allow one to import a previously imported crate

  11. Add serato crates as crates again

Everything I did in Serato is transferred.

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Exactly the same process I’m using but I get like one or two tracks that save cues but the rest dont. I’m obvs doing something wrong somewhere. I’ll make sure I’m not missing any steps…thanks for the reply :ok_hand:

Did you import any tracks directly to EP bypassing Serato?

Trying to not sound stupid here, what is the purpose of iTunes in the workflow. I am on windows.

No went into serato, analysed without key as I use MIK. Then into serato refresh, move over crates to collection…onto HD the onto the p4

It was 12 songs for an hour set, so I know for sure they where ran through the essentials like serato etc. I’m off this weekend so will try again but it’s never worked tbh

Not a dumb question.

The reason that I use iTunes, is that if I some day, decides to switch away from Denon and Engine Prime, I can import the exact same playlists to VDJ, Serato, Rekordbox or what ever software I should choose to go with.

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Same reason I do, plus early doors I invested in a serato workflow, and lost playlist after playlist. At least with iTunes they are always there.

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Another stupid question the free serato is that serato lite?

Serato DJ pro offline player is free