Serato timecode on USB?

Does anyone know how to setup Serato timecode using a USB stick to control the players in Serato with the Sc5000 players?

Currently I use the players in HID mode and they work great but I am not certain how to use the other mode.

Why would you want to use timecode to control SDJ when you have HID mode? You get nothing by using that and loose a lot.

^ This x100 - you literally loose 90% of the functionality by using timecode… just why?

The only reason was that the change over from one dj to another would have been an easier process. Other than that I can see your point. I was just looking at available options for a situation.

Changeover of 2 DJ’s both using Serato DJ? I still don’t see a reason to use timecode for that when a single SC5000 can control 4 decks in SDJ.

If I am in HID and another DJ wants to have access to my decks would he not require a USB hub and for me to remove one deck at a time to allow him access?

Second DJ comes to the booth. Plugs his laptop into the usb2 of the X1800, launches SDJ and loads manually a track into the SDJ deck.

When the first DJ is on his last song, unplug one SC5000 from the first laptop into the second DJ’s, choose which SDJ deck to control and switch appropriate ch input switch selector to usb. Start beatmatching. After mixing into the first song, unplug the second SC5000 into the second laptop. What’s the problem with that sequence?

IMO if you add timecode you only complicate things.

IT is always easy to make people feel bad about or stupid about a certain concern that they have where the only engagement should be a solution not a lecture. If you can’t help you can skip that topic. One reason for not using the HID mode can be a missing cable… Another reason as bonus is shortage of USB port on Macbooks (2 ports only = extHDD + Sound Card) no USB hub available. We don’t discriminate a Dj who only show up with laptop and sound card because we got a standalone rider.

For this topic my proposal is to always keep SD Card with a playlist that contain Serato /Rekordbox/Traktor time code file.

Please let’s not engage a debate about standalone (SC5000/M) vs Laptop (Serato/Rekordbox/others) that’s another TOPIC.

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Hitbase, ■■■ are you talking about? When somebody asks help about something that doesn’t make sense at first you ask them what they are trying to do exactly, not blindly answer.

Sir, You have hit the nail on the head. You are right in all your assumptions. The DJ’s I work with are Mac only and they don’t bring a hub to the venue. So that’s why I was asking. I will look into your suggestion.

Thank you all for trying to assist. Special thanks to HITBAZE.

Those are bad DJ then when they didn’t go prepared to a gig as a guest.

1.) Get a USB hub then and keep it next to the decks.

2.) Timecode setup:

You are welcome… good luck.