Serato support! PRIME SERIES!


That is all! :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you talking about the Prime 4? I see the X1800 and the SC5000 but no official announcements on the Prime 4.

Check out Digital DJ Tips!! Prime 4 and 5000M!!

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Live chat on DenonDJ YouTube right. For those interested!!

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Downloaded now.

Cool and congrats! You beat BOTH Denon DJ and Serato to the punch on the announcement. Neither company has it on thier websites yet. Thanks! Nice upgrade to the Prime 4.

Ha!! :joy:

Just super happy to finally have this!!

Can you switch from stand alone mode to controller mode seamlessly???

@Djscottyb no, as you have to change the P4 from computer mode to stand-alone mode

In watching the announcement video and it does not appear to possible. The Prime 4 is either fully dedicated to stand-alone or serato, no combination. Also no qwerty keyboard and the waveform display options is limited (no dual horizontal or vertical options). My thoughts is that querty search was either difficult to implement or Serato simply didn’t want to totally cut the cord with laptops. Still, adding Serato DJ is a great step forward. Hopefully more display and querty keyboard search options will come in future releases.

Because the MCX8000 was designed as controller first, standalone second and had switches above the channels on the mixer for each deck. Prime series is designed the other way around and does not have switches on each deck for standalone or controller.

Kradcliffe, you took the words right out of my mouth! I’m assuming that having one screen on the Prime 4 is the limiting factor in being able to seamleassly switch. It appears to be pros and cons for both the Prime 4 and MCX8000. I guess it comes down to one’s personal preferences. I’m loving my 8000 a bit more after the last EP update. Hopefully more improvements are coming.

No according to JWill you can swap

It doesn’t appear that you can seamlessly swap. Check the announcement video from Denon DJ (about 21 seconds into the attached video). The Prime 4 appears to reboot when you swap.

WOoooh just in time for Halloween :jack_o_lantern: :smile:

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That’s a shame because DJ swap over would be a breeze

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What happens if you plug in a usbbqwerty keyboard right now though?

Good question! I am chomping at the bit to get home and try everything out!! :yum:

Or, maybe there was no problem with the SDK after all… Or, maybe DenonDJ and Serato have a deeper relationship… IDK… But its definitively strange that Serato was able to concoct a “full” implementation, while Atomix only came out with a partial implementation.

The querty function that I was referring to was the touch screen querty keyboard feature available on the Prime 4 in stand-alone. The touch screen querty is not available when using the Prime 4 as a controller for Serato. If you attach a usb keyboard to the Prime 4 it will most likely act as a passthrough to your computer.

FYI: I’m on Serato’s website trying to download Serato 2.3.1 and it is going slow as molasses. Never experienced this before. Must be all of the Denon Prime owners (plus me) hitting their servers all at once!