Serato Stem Support

Well, they finally did it. This one is big for me. And it sounds better than what others have done before. Denon, any hopes we could get this on existing standalone systems or does it need too much horsepower?


Needs a lot of horsepower… look at the load times of tracks on vdj with mathengine on… Maybe in five years or so

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Watch Mojaxx review, no way is it going to work with current Denon hardware, lots of warnings on the software about impacting performance etc.

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Yeah I was trying to be positive! :joy:

I will say though, this is also new for Serato. Optimizations will continue to take place that will lower the CPU usage. But I’m officially tempted to hop back into Serato. I’ve been waiting on them to tackle this.

Even the new 2020 m1 macs are struggling mate… windows machines are going have to really catch up before this becomes viable to use reliably fast

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Its definitely interesting, I cant personally use it though as im stuck on an older version of Serato with my SL3 card. I just bought a 3rd deck to do it properly haha.

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Mmmmm bad move from them to drop the sl’s like they did.


All I want is a modern 4 channel card to buy… can’t see it happening now though.

No way am I selling my Rotary for a DJM or whatever.

Yeah looks like they’ve got some work ahead of them on this period. Wouldn’t even launch on my machine. Ohhh well : )

Having just grabbed the public beta and compared it myself, I’d say it’s really not that different to what VDJ did two years ago.

OK so far I only tried one (compressed) track, but I watched a YouTube comparison earlier where they’ve done the same thing - a brief snippet of a track (unknown quality) and it’s been recompressed by YouTube…and people are inevitably commenting on how it sounds “so much better” etc. IMO more because it’s Serato vs VDJ than actually paying attention or doing a blind test with a bunch of different uncompressed files.

BTW the Windows version runs fine on my desktop, which is a few years old now.

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I probably need to listen for myself in person, but it seemed like it held the highs together better with a good bit less phasing.

Glad it works for you on a system a few years old! That’s encouraging!

I couldn’t get past the start screen with the big Beat Warning. 2019 MacBook Pro with 64 Gigs of ram for me. I’m sure things will improve greatly now that it’s in more people’s hands.

I just tested Serato DJ Pro 3.0 with my old Macbook from Mi 2012 OS Catalina 10.15.7 - i7 Quad core 2.3ghz- 16gb of ram and SSD Samsung Serie Pro 860 512gb and it’s stable, there are some cool stuff ! But personally, I find that they released this new frame a little too late…

It runs on my 2012 MBP 15” and I get great results.

Denon DJ could add something like this to Engine DJ either live or as a preparation tool to prepare the files.

Engine DJ could separate the stems and package them up as a stem file so which the hardware plays back, turning on and off each channel when pressed.

The hard work is done in the preparation which could easily be offloaded.


My i9-12900KF and 128gb DDR5 has no issues :joy:

You say that, but it’s still potentially having to play 8 music files in perfect sync whilst being able to switch them on and off instantly… that’s going to strain the system, Serato wouldn’t have put warnings left, right and centre about performance if it didn’t.

Bear in mind I currently don’t have my Prime 2 as it’s in the Denon UK repair centre, due to having severe performance issues with the left deck (lagging, unresponsive cue and play buttons)… I’m not confident at all in that unit handling anything like this.

Have not used Serato since getting my denons surely engine has to make their own version i really dont want to have to go back to using serato or vdj to use this feature i’m too used to not needing my laptop any more, i dont mind if engine takes a year or two id rather daylight and smart crates over stems at this moment in time

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My guess is the next gen of players will have it, and will have the internal processing power to support it. Maybe the SC6000 will be upgraded to support.

I personally have always failed to seethe point of these so called stems. They in reality are not stems. They are track seperation. The stems are the snippets that the engineer used to put the master together in studio. The real stems are available to purchase if thats a route you really wanted to take to remix on the fly


I agree with this, the original Traktor implementation of it where you bought the individual tracks as a pack seems a much more effective way of doing it. The demo i watched yesterday from Serato they still sounded a bit mushy to me, plus who doesnt love some real 3 deck mixing:)