Serato prime Go

Please make the prime go a serato controller. It is the best size controller for a mobile DJ. Please

You need to ask serato to include the GO in to their eco-system. If serato does not code it in to their software, Denon has nothing to say about it.


My understanding and personal observations -

Hardware manufacturers have to officially commission Serato to support their products. This is done collaboratively at conceptualisation or after the fact. This appears to be Serato’s current business model.

In this case, If Denon does not officially ask them Serato will not add Go.

Case example - There is a thread on the Serato forums where there is like a billion request by owners of the Xone96, and its a couple of years old for the Allen and Health 96 to be supported…still no dice.

@john_wallas here is a link active request thread, please vote there

@Reese FYI for potential closing

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