Serato Plugins

Hi, i already mailed support twice and didnt get any usable response.

Im looking for the unlock codes for the included serato plugins but cant find them in my profile under my registered device either in serato nor here on the site. Where are they?

There are no Serato plugins included with th MCX. It is ‘Serato Ready’, meaning that the MCX unlocks the full version of Serato DJ Pro without having to purchasing the Serato Club Kit. If you are referring to Serato DVS, then the MCX is DVS-Ready (i.e. DVS Capable) and you will have to purchase that upgrade direct from Serato.

Thank you for your reply.

I was under the impression that Pitch ‘n Time would be included.

" Comes with Pitch 'n Time DJ license included."

It was included - for the summer of 2016. I think the mc7000 had free plug ins included for longer than just that summer though.

Did you buy your mcx in summer 2016 ?

I don’t know when it was first sold. I bought it used. The inner workings are dated from 2015 thats all i know.

So the next question will be: how to determine when it was first sold or how they identify units with included plugin?

I think any free plug ins were usually assigned to the one registered copy of serato, rather than assigned to a particular mcx. I don’t know if ownership of serato if transferable, or not.

Contradicting the limited time offer are those two findings: i did that but it seems the site got an overhaul since the video was made.

I also got this form Support a month ago but nothing since: "Thank you for reaching out to us. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you!

Should be in their account after registering! It will unlock the software without a code, but it does come with a code for the Pitch n Time expansions! " They didnt answer my question of why it isnt there or where else to look.

I hope some employee reads this and can shed some light on this. :slight_smile:

The plugins ownership isn’t transferable with serato l, not is serato itself. When serato hardware is bought and sold secondhand the plug ins stay with the serato account they were registered to first.

So if peter buys a serato controller with plug ins offered and registers those plug ins himself, then a year or two later sells the controller (but keeps his serato and laptop that holds serato) then all that the 2nd Hand buyer gets is the hardware controller , not any transfer of ownership of serato or any plug ins - sorry

Ok, that solves that mystery. Thank you.

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