Serato migration

Bought a prime go 2 weeks ago and have spent the entire time trying to get the thing to import my serato library. Seriously thinking of sending it back and going back to the easy world of a Mac and controller. Please can anybody help with this issue, it looks like a nice bit of kit but boy do they like to make things difficult! Thanks in advance.

Welcome aboard… Take a look at this…

If it doesnt help then give us another shout and we can talk you through it (@mufasa is the master at this so hopefully he will check in and talk you through it easily)

It seems hard and daunting to start with but approach it with a clear open mind and forget how serato works engine is totally different but once you get to grips with it its fairly easy

  1. What happens when you follow the standard way of importing serato library to engine collection?

Start at 13.27

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