Serato loading issues/delays/freezing/crashing

Hey All! I’am having loading issues using the latest version of Serato DJ with the Denon MCX 8000 I have a 4tb wd ext with around 2tb of music. Creates work fine although when i go to search is when all the problems happen. Also i’m running an MSI Stealth Pro Core i7-7700hq- gtx 1060 16gb ram 512ssd+2tb Any help would be appreciated! Cheers!!!

Should have posted in the MCX8000 section, not General Discussion. Also, what issues? Crates? Searching for tracks? You haven’t really said what’s the specific problem.

You right i thought about that after the fact. Crates are all good. When i go to search tracks on my hard drive is where i’m running into trouble. Takes about 30 seconds of more to locate, then when i find a track i load itto deck 1,2 etc it freezes up, sometimes Serato will fully crash.

Do you have some files on your internal HD that you could search for to compare?

I’m guessing you are using the Serato DJ search to find tracks in your library.

Have you posted a help request to the Serato guys.

Do you have a clone/ back up of your external HD on another ext HD to try with.

Do you have any bad tracks in your collection…them ones with the lightening icon :zap:

@mufasa i did have music on my internal and seems to work just fine. Yes searching through Serato DJ. Sure did, and have not had a response before i went here. I do have a clone of the 4tb with 2gb of music format in Fat32 and does the same. Bad tracks do appear with my music video through Promo Only. Super lost

Is this a new development? Did it work properly before any recent updates?

It’s advisable to remove/fix bad tracks in your library. Either you download then again or you can just resave the MP4 using Mpegstreamclip

MP3s I use Mp3scanrepair

The other thing is why don’t you have your main external hard drive in the native windows file system NTFS .

I’m a Mac user and my main djing external (a 2TB lacie) is formatted in the Mac file system HFS+. But I have 3 back up (clones) in HFS+, ExFat and Fat respectively to cover all bases.

If Serato is searching your internal Hard drives easily then the issue is definitely a external HD one.