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First, I have searched the forums and have no answer. I use Serato, I have a P4, using Engine DJ 2.2.1 My issue is my Serato library / playlists never seem to update when I connect my P4. The P4 is using a SSD 1TB, Serato has its own external HDD. The Serato one is the “mother” the P4 is the “child” I try to update library, and just don’t seem to succeed. I’m Engine I will select the Serato symbol hit the little arrow to update. It runs. When I look at Prime Playlists no new data. I will connect the P4, sync to Engine DJ to update any info I made on the P4 back to the main library. Then when I Export to Drive P4 I’m getting nothing. I get a clean up option that I use.

I just can’t figure how to get my New Playlists into P4 from Serato.

Any help would be good. I am sure I’m missing a step. All YouTube is either pre 2.0 or the blogger just talks so much I can’t waste 20 min for 2 min of info.

Thanks in advance.

If I can’t sort this, I’m probably just giving up on this project. The P4/E-OS 2.2.X has to be the bulkiest bit of kit on the market. I like Serato and have other gear I will continue to use.

The update is not done automatically between Serato and Engine Dj.

The small round button with the arrow to the right of Serato Library is used to update the Serato Dj directory in case changes have been made, it does not modify what is in the “Collection” column of Engine D.

Once updated the Serato Dj library, it will be necessary to replace by an import the folder or folders modified in the “Collection” column of Engine Dj, then once finished… it will be necessary to export everything in the storage medium dedicated to the P4 .


Thanks this is what I do. I just don’t understand how to import the playlists into collection. I right click in serato and “import to collection” it just doesn’t happen. I export and still nothing. I’ll try some more. Thanks

Just waiting on the process, and I’ll post more.

Created a new Serato playlist Hit the circle arrow to UPDATE Watching JOB MONITOR

This is because of this

The new tracks and new playlist are added when you import

But old playlist do note get updated with new tracks

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Thanks for the help. I found my way.