Serato, Engine prime and MCX8000 cue colors


I’m writing you guys because I have a problem with my Denon mcx8000. Thing is that in engine prime when I import my crates from serato the cue points have the same colors in engine prime as in serato. However, when exporting music to the pen drive and plugging it to my mcx8000, the cue points have different colors. This is a problem for me because I give the cue points different colors according to what is happening at that exact moment in the song. So, when it changes color on its own once I export it to put it in the mcx8000, I’m totally lost! Because although they are in the right place, their color is different. Is there a way to avoid that from happening? If there is not a way right now, could you solve this problem in a future update please?


Hi @El_Corsario - Sorry to hear you are having this problem, I’m sure it’s frustrating.

I’ve raised this with the dev team and will respond as soon as I hear back.

Thanks J

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