Serato DJ Pro vs. Engine DJ with Denon Prime 4

I’m just starting with my new Prime 4 (Not the +). I have both Serato DJ Pro and Engine DJ. My question, what are the benefits of having both? And do I really need both? Note: I’m an Old Skool DJ from the 70’s, with a boat load of music on my hard drive. Having fun in my home studio.

I use both too… Serato is fantastic for getting full use out of my 1210s by allowing me to do everything on them that I can do on a controller or media player.

As far as prime goes, it’s standalone, thats where it shines and that’s what I love about it… Prime 2 and battery powered monitor means I can turn up to a bar and be set up in less than 5 minutes. The internal SSD has 6000 tracks on it ready to roll.

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The first thing to clear up is that Engine DJ is not the same thing as Serato, VirtualDJ, Rekordbox, Traktor etc.

You don’t DJ with it.

It’s just librarian software for prepping your tracks for standalone use on the Prime 4.

Now that you have a Prime 4, you don’t need Serato either. The whole idea of the Prime series is that it’s standalone. You’re not tied to a computer while you’re DJing.

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Thank you both, for your quick response! My confusion is this…I know Prime 4 is a standalone system. But when it comes to organizing my crates/music/loops/samples/and beat grids on my computer, should I use Serato and then transfer over to Engine. Or should I just focus on Engine?

Run them individually is my advice.

You can do an initial import of your Serato library into Engine Desktop (check YouTube for guides) then once done I’d say manage them on their own moving forward.

STU-C, presently I don’t have music in either. I’m starting from scratch. So is there any advantage to starting with Serato DJ Pro, and then transferring over to Engine Desktop? Or just leave Serato alone all together?

I use both. I use serato at gigs and engine os ar home for fun/practice. I manage my music in serato

Oh ok. If you’re only using the Prime 4, start from scratch in Engine and just use that.

Thank you again!

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