Serato DJ Pro Code issues


Ive just recieved my MC7000 and downloaded serato dj pro, ive entered my key and its given me the p’nt, video and flip. all showing as owned on my account… but its still showing that dj pro is either 199 or a month subscription. any ideas how to sort this please.


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The MC7000 automatically UNLOCKS Serato DJ Pro for use. You won’t need a license to use it with the 7000.

For example, the Denon DJ X1800 does not unlock Serato and you will have to purchase a Pro license, but owners of the X1850 don’t (it unlocks it just like the 7000).

It’s all explained on Serato’s website under DJ Hardware.

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If you read carefully near the middle bottom

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You need to plug controller into computer or laptop . Remember that if it’s windows it WILL need drivers in first then serato pro unlocks. You can then use serato without plugging in, but every so often it may want unit plugged in just to make sure you still entitled to license… If you read what it says on the screen under the two license boxes it tells you what to do.

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