Serato DJ license with 6000Mk2

So if you buy a 6000 MK2 does it come with a serato license allowing me to use the latest version of serato DJ.

I believe the Denon Documentation says it comes with serato intro which i believe is dead.

It does come with intro I think, but I thought that intro was still alive. You can also still find info on it on the Serato website.

So, the license is for intro, which is not the full version so you will not have all the options. You will have to upgrade to the full version and might want some of the add-on packs. Best to wait for one of their semi-regular sales to pick up a license.

Something you can do is try the time-limited (14 or 30 days, not sure) full-feature trial of Mixvibes Cross. It’s close to Serato in functionality and has some very nice and unique features of it’s own. Full version including everything (HID support for CDJs and video to name two) is only about 99 USD/Euro and the version without video/HID is a steal at 49 USD/Euro.

Ignore answer from DJ Vintage, he is wrong. Full Serato DJ licence comes with MC6000 mk2, you will just have to download it. From under “Features”: Includes full-version Serato DJ (user download)

It’s because originally MC6000 mk2 did not come with free Serato DJ, it was latter added. I think you get a licence key inside the box while some of the first buyers had to send their hardware serial to Serato to receive it.

I stand corrected. In my defense, I checked the site of the biggest online store here and it clearly states delivery with SDJ Intro.

You are correct, @SlayForMoney. @DJTMT, the MC6000MK2 does come bundled with the full version of Serato DJ. The original MC6000 came mapped for Traktor and Virtual DJ. Simply connect your MC6000MK2 to your computer, open Serato DJ, and the software will “unlock” automatically!

I hope this helps!

Thanks all for the info. So here is what happened in my case i just got a MC 6000 MK2. I also own a Pioneer SX controller.

When i plugged the MBP into the MC 6000 it did not open the software to 2 decks like it does with the Pio SX.

The only way i could get serato to open was to sign up for the free trail. Not sure if missed something but i will try and contract Denon for clarification.

From what it sounds like i need to pay for the upgrade to SDJ. But will confirm and report here.

Looks like if you didn’t get a voucher for the full. upgrade with your device you might have to purchase it.

Its “Serato DJ Upgrade” ready on the Serato site. it should say “Serato DJ enabled” if it can work with the full version.

So you guys got a voucher with that came with the 6000 Mk2? No voucher in my box. only the CD with intro on it

Are you sure? That’s the behavior of “SDJ Enabled” hardware, MC6000 mk2 is “SDJ Upgrade Ready”.

That’s what I read on the page too, but it does say in the Sales page that a voucher for Serato DJ is included in the pack. Im guessing those that bought the unit after Serato DJ was released got the voucher. Perhaps the OP needs to email denon support to see if they have any vouchers available…otherwise just purchase the Serato DJ standalone licence.

When i connect to the 6000 it does not go to 2 decks. No voucher in the box. I just got it its brand new unit.

Quoted from a retailer online

I checked the link out and you definitely have to register your gear with denon to avail of the upgrade. I just ordered a 6000 too, have no need for the licence but since its part of the deal I might as well register to get it.

Thank you for the promo link. I just registered.

I registered via that link. sent the serial # and photo of the Receipt. 4 day gone by and nothing from Denon?

Anyone else had this issue?

Perhaps you should make a phone call instead.

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To update this i still got nothing from Denon on the Serato DJ voucher.

I filled out the voucher form twice and i have also opened support ticket with Denton which is now 9 days old. Support tells me to fill out the form again.

some what disappointed in the level of support here. I am thinking about returning the 6000.

same here too. I filled the form online and attached the receipt.

@DenonDJBill @paul_denondj

how long have you been waiting? the sites said it would take 3 working days.

just to provide an update on this issue after opening a support ticket. I tried to reply to the person on the support ticket to get an update. I got no reply to 2 different emails on the support ticket.

Today I decided to call support when i did they could not pull up my support ticket and i had to explain the situation with Serato DJ license. the person initial told me i had to buy Serato DJ. Pretty sad the support could not reference my support ticket which i opened on line.

After explain the situation yet again. He than said they Denon was waiting for the voucher to be processed by Serato. He could not tell me how long it would take. It now over 2 week since i bought the 6000 yet i can’t use it with serato DJ due to this license/voucher processing issue.

Really disappointed in denon on the lack of support and delay on this.

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Always a pity if something like this happens and you get stuck between two companies. Whoever is at fault though, there is never an excuse for poor communication. If you state somewhere things take 3 days to process and then find out it is going to take longer, you have to be proactive and send those waiting a message apologizing for the delay at least.

Also odd is that a support ticket couldn’t be opened. Did they tell you if it was a temporary computer problem (systems DO go down) or that your ticket just wasn’t in the system. The first reason is a “■■■■ happens” one, the second though a more serious issue.

I have to say that - overall - the Denon DJ guys here are pretty helpful and usually quick to reply. Not sure how many went to Ultra Miami last week though :-). Again, communication is the key. They may even be checking on the matter as we speak, would be nice for you if they had reported that.

My day job being (among other things) a process & business improvement advisor, it always get my fingers itching to dive into these processes and help the people figure out a way to improve customer service (in this case).

I honestly hope one of the Denon DJ staff will soon acknowledge that both your complaints have been registered and what can or is being done about it.

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