Serato DJ 1.9.6 Released!


The new serato DJ software is released … Maybe time to test te MCX8000 is he is still crashing … hope not anymore now …

Please more people to test it ?

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Just finish to download it, I’ll test tomorrow.

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No mention of anything 8000 related in the 1.9.6 release notes. However there is a couple of performance optimisations & loads of bug fixes, so maybe we get lucky. I can say though, that while testing all of their beta’s I still experienced right side screen freeze.

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Yes. I have tested now. No news, crashes are like 1.9.5

Just tested it. Mcx8000 crashes again like 1.9.5. Only waiting 5 minutes without moving nothing, it start with no problems. Boh!:thinking:

I have update my Serato DJ to version 1.9.6

I think the firmware is not changed, i have / use now version 1.5 on my MCX 8000.

Works fine for me on my MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2012) .

Finally works fine too on my Mac Pro 1.1 (El Capitan)

I Think problems are not due to Serato, But to usb 3 of my macbook pro 15" retina 2015. Like Numark says, usb3 is often not compatible with usb2, mcx8000 and Serato work better with usb2. So i bought a usb- thunderbolt interface . I Hope this Will work better.

I plug mine on a PCI express to USB3 card without issues.

Do you guys have serato pitch n time expansion enabled?

I connected an usb-Thunderbolt interface but…nothing. This is worse.

The Video fader glitch was fixed. Thank god.

Not a change to the MCX-8000 but there was a glitch where faders were locked to video, even if you disable them.