Serato cue points not exporting into Engine Prime every time

Hi, I’ve been having to manually re-add all my cue points I created in Serato into Engine Prime. Sometimes the cue points export from Serato but not very often. Has anybody else had this issue when updating their Engine Prime Serato crates?



It is sometimes necessary to update twice the library “Update Serato Dj Library” in Engine Prime or simply, to carry out a “Re-Import Track information”. I noticed that version 1.6.1 of Engine Prime does not completely update my Serato Dj library, I have to put in 2 times (probably a bug?)

Hi DjMell26,

Thanks for your reply and advice. I’ve tried updating the Serato library a few times but that didn’t work, I will try reimporting the track information and see if that works. I’m quite new to Engine Prime so still working out how it works :slightly_smiling_face: like you say. It might be a bug maybe.

Unfortunately re-importing the track information didn’t work either. I’m not sure what to do…

Try with a new database…rename the EP folder in the local and where your music is at.

When was the last time you analysed your serato library?

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When you use Serato, you don’t need to do 50 analyzes! We just analyze the file or the new files that we add, but no need to perform one on all of our folders and moreover, every week Serato also offers an automatic backup at the end of the session (practical, if we are head in the air). Once done, we open E.P and we have no choice to do an “Update Serato Dj Library” to update all our additions or modifications of files (Crate or Subcrate), in order to import them into Engine Prime. Namely that the “Update Serato Dj Library” rescans the entire Serato library.!An1xw8Y6qWGJoE1szE-Kl1cpZZJo?e=SslDSI!An1xw8Y6qWGJoE7CXBDQ1tYFwboB?e=VUnpah

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It’s just good house keeping and serato recommends it as well

Creating A New Database V2 File

One of the most important files used by your Serato software is the database V2 file. This is stored in the Serato folder in the Music folder on your internal hard drive, and in the Serato folder on any partitions and external hard drives that your Serato software has accessed.

The database V2 file stores your library information such as whether a track has been played, whether a file has had its overview built, which tracks are corrupt, which tracks are from your iTunes library and much more.

Unfortunately sometimes this file can become corrupted, and you may notice odd behavior with your library. Symptoms of a corrupt database can be blue/grey “played” files not saving or ID3 tags being re-read every time on startup. Creating a new database V2 will fix this and is easy to do.

Note: Rebuilding the databaseV2 file will revert all of the ‘date added’ dates to today’s date and will delete any files out of your Serato software that

  1. I think I have rebuilt my v2 database for 3 or 4 times since 2009

  2. I have done a full reanalysis the same number of times as well. I don’t reanalyse for BPM/Grid. Just to shake things up a bit and believe you me each time I have done it, one or two tracks come up as corrupted. Those tracks I would never have picked up if I didn’t run a full analysis

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Hey Mufasa, thanks for your reply. I will try that and I analyse my tracks when I import them into Serato. But I haven’t analysed my entire library before.

And thankyou DjMell26 for explaining all of that. Yes every time I open EP I update my Serato crates. Thanks also for the video links. I’ll go through them tomorrow.

I was looking at Mixmaster G’s apps to help me with importing my Serato crates into EP. I will try what you guys suggest first and see how I get on renaming my EP folder.

I very much appreciate your help guys :slightly_smiling_face::pray:

The only other reason I can think is if you added the music direct to Engine Prime initially (not using Serato) then you now decided to import the same tracks via serato.

Once a track is part of EP collection, you can’t add hotcues from serato (officially)

What’s your set up?

Where are your serato music files?

If you do plan to reanalyse your entire serato library, you can uncheck the BPM/Grid option so it doesn’t change your grids etc. You can also uncheck the key option as well.

Serato will just analyse for waveforms and general file health.

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I first add my tracks into Mixed in Key then e port them to Serato where I organise and add cue points I then open Engine Prime and update my Serato crate library. Sometimes it adds my Serato crates and most often it doesn’t. None of my music has been added straight to EP.

I store my Serato music in a file named DJ music and in that folder I have separate folders for different genres of music I play. And the DJ music folder for Serato is on my Mac. Saying all that though I think I had better check as I add my tracks into folders in the DJ music folder and first import them into Mixed in Key.

I have been using Serato since late 2004 / early 2005 (ScratchLive) then Serato Itch, Serato Dj and finally SDJ Pro. We can actually have errors, either because the version of the iDtag is too old (well privilege iDtag v2.2 mini or v2.3 recommended) or either it was because of a bad encoding compression rate too high, it is also highly recommended to rip CDs or vinyls with constant “CBR” encoding and not “VBR”. Thanks to that and if you respect it … the database which is X or Y it will already be more stable, allowing to minimize the risks of a corrupted data. There can also be concerns because of OS updates either by what was interrupted or by what it was already bugged, weakening the operating system registry and suddenly we will have an application that may be weakened in terms of performance and stability. But, it has utilities to correct this kind of problem and if the utilities don’t help … unfortunately, a clean-install will be necessary.

17 years of Serato and zero “I’m touching wood” problem (except HDD disks which were sensitive to Electric variation and static electricity and vibrations but that was before the sharp drop in SSDs make the purchase much more accessible ). Computing is sometimes capricious.

However, I advise to rebuild the structure of the DATA of Serato (even if it means starting from scratch for the creation of our library), when there are major updates of the software! Because indeed, the data evolves occasionally. As for example between 1.9.8 SDJ and version 2 of Serato Dj Pro, it was highly recommended.

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I also use Mixed In Key.

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Great info.

Try this

  1. Go to Music folder on your Mac.

  2. Rename the Engine Folder to something else eg “ENgine Folder backup”

  3. Start EP now , it should be empty

  4. Now import your serato again to Engine Prime and check if the hotcues make it over.

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I started with Scratch Live as well.

Hopefully @steverippin gets sorted

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Hi guys. I’m going to get started today and see if I can fix the problem I’m having. You have both given me so much excellent advice. I cannot thank you enough. Fingers crossed I get this sorted. I will report back and let you know.

I ended up deleting Engine Prime and starting a fresh. I then cleaned and analysed my tracks in Serato and everything is nicely organised but I keep getting missing tracks like this showing up after I’ve backed up Serato which I have to keep on deleting. As you can see, the tracks are all there in blue but those orange ones keep appearing. I’m unsure what I’m doing wrong there.

The good news is that my crates are loading into Engine Prime with the cue points :slight_smile: One more thing I wonder if you could advise me on is when i load my tracks imported from Serato, I notice that I have to align the beat grids on all the tracks as they are slightly off their cue points. I’ve tried locking my beat grids in Serato but that still doesn’t solve my beat grids being out of alignment…

Sorry for all the help I’m asking for guys.

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Hi, did you find a fix for this? I use Mixed in key, then export cues to Serato and then into Engine. I too find that the grids are out. I see the same BPMs and use the single quantize in Engine settings to eliminate me starting the the tune too early/late, but tunes dont beat match. I dont use Sync when playing but when i manual mix im having to constantly adjust even though the BPMs show the same! Its infuriating! im using MIK to save a lot of time setting grids but it looks like either MIK or Serato is messing them up. Also i get the odd tune that is just way out of its grid!

Hi Dave, I’m having exactly the same problem. I also have the same workflow as you - Mik - Serato - Engine Prime. Once my tracks are in Engine I always have to redo all my cue points. And my beatgrids are always off. In serato though they are fine. I don’t understand it. I’m sorry your having this problem to. Hopefully someone knows what’s going on.