Serato and sc6000

Hey there everyone!

I have two Sc6000 and they are super sweet! One thing however…

I was messing around with them on Serrato using the TWO waveform view. And realized that when I flip between layers it doesn’t correspond in Serrato so I’d have to manually click deck 2,3,4…ect on my laptop myself.

Is there anyway to enable being able to switch between my decks on the Sc6000 and also have it do that within Serato?

The only solution I have right now is to just use the 4 deck waveform view within Serato.

Hope that made sense :no_mouth:

Thanks all!

Well, this is how Serato implemented the HID, we here can’t do much about it…

Yeah that’s what I figured. You think it’s possible to MIDI map it?

I never tried to map midi in Serato, should be possible if someone has more experience with it. I don’t know how midi mapping is done in Serato - I never owned Serato…

Serato user here, never used more than 2 decks.

But you can midi map albeit with limitations in serato.


I need to buy some cheap unlock to tinker with Serato. Then I could figure out mapping and more hidden features maybe.