Send / Return Moogerfooger / Modular Synth

Hi, I´m trying to plug in a Moogerfoger Phaser Pedal to the send / return. The idea is to affect/effect the master output.

How am I supposed to do this? Do I need a 1/4 cable with to outputs/inputs in one end.

There´s only one input and output for audio on the pedal.

The pedal is not getting any signal.

Also, how should I plug in a modular synth if I want it to go to the master and not a particular channel.

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I would imagine you need two of these to go from x1800 to pedal and back to x1800.

I’m a little confused about this question. The “master” is an output not an input. Anything being plugged in to the mixer will need to be routed to a particular input channel.

That might need to be coupled with putting the X1800 in mono as it’s a guitar pedal and the manual I found only shows TS style jacks rather than TRS.

I could be wrong though - so far I’ve not tried my X1800 through my pedalboard, never thought to try!

Ya, you could be right @JonnyXDA. I haven’t either; I was thinking more about the connection and not really how it would work :slight_smile: You raise a valid point.

Thanks a lot to both of you.

With regards to the modular synth. I wanted to know if I should plug it into the send/return or elsewhere. Since I don’t want to plug it into one of the 4 channels.


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I don’t really have a lot of knowledge on the modular synth. If it is going to play sounds than you need to go to a channel, if it is going to manipulate sounds from your mixer, than send/return option.

With respect to the pedals, I have a link posted for you awaiting approval by the forum; it’s from the “DJ Tech Tools” site and they cover what you are trying to achieve with your pedal and a DJ mixer.

You can go from Stereo TS to Mono TS via cable, however you are going to experience phase cancellation in your signal chain. You will need to use a passive adapter such as the switchcraft 600 to avoid audio loss.

At that cost, though, you might as well just invest on stereo pedals. As a hardware user myself, I stopped purchasing mono pedals a few years ago, but I’m also a nerd.

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Thanks a lot. My channels are full. So I may get another mixer and just route everything through there.

Or I could just plug it into the mic input right?



No you shouldn’t. You can pickup a converter to convert your Phono inputs to line inputs but obviously for the channels you use that with, you’d have to choose between each input, in other words if your deck A is on CH1line and your synth is on the Phono of the same channel (with a converter), you wouldn’t hear both at the same time so this method will give you more line inputs but not more channels if you follow what I’m saying. Google Phono to line level converter and you will see a range of them varying in price. Hope this helps.

Thank you. I think I’m just going to “daisy chain” it with the Akai Force which I’m using in one of my channels or with the audio interface from that I’m sending to another channel.

I also have a spare non dj mixer that I could route everything to.

I think what he means is directly into the master bus, without going trough channel preams, gain staging and such.

But is that possible? If so, how?

Theoretically, an FX return can be used to insert something into the master bus, just hook up the correct cables to whatever you want to hook up and to the returns.

Depending on the internal workings, this may or may not work. Some trial error is needed here. I don’t have an X1800 here to check that out.

ok thanks for explaining.

Who can recommend to me the best product among those in the list on this site?

Out of the four on that list I have used, the Helix is my favorite.