Send and Return sound issue

I came across a problem using my X1800 with external FX (Pioneer RMX500). When I turn the dry/wet FX from 0 to 100% I can hear a noticable change on the playing deck even though my RMX500 is not even used. It sounds like a filter and one can notice it best at 50% dry/wet. It really sounds differently then the original track without any FX in use. Once I turn it on 100%, there is no problem anymore and it works fine - I don’t want to hear the FX that much though. (The loudness stays the same though, since I put the RMX500 to +0db and the X1800 to + 8db for SND/RTN FX) Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

What you’re hearing is probably a delay between the dry and wet sound. Wet sound, even though you are not “using” the RMX500 is being processed or going through the signal path of the effects unit (that is longer than the dry signal path) and thus is delayed compared to the original, dry sound. RMX units are meant to be used with 100% wet signal to be honest. You may not like to hear the FX so much - but Pioneer does and that’s how they designed it. Try playing some more with the signal level on the RMX and X1800.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: That could cause the problem indeed, but it doesn’t sound like a delay at all. It sounds like a filter since it takes out some frequencies of the track. I already tried lots of options and the problem is always the same - different options (on RMX and X1800) don’t seem to solve the issue :confused: I would really appreciate it, if someone with like a Korg Kross Pad would try the SND/RTN and tell us if the same problem occurs at around 50% dry/wet. That would really help pointing out the problematic device here and one could tell if it is a mixer issue or only a Pioneer RMX thing (already heard the same issue in use with the RMX1000).

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The delay is probably so small it only causes the lower freq to phase cancel so it sounds filtered.

To troubleshoot further, you can use another set of cables to check that’s not the problem and also use any other audio device that can input/output a stereo signal and simulate a RMX unit.

Thanks for your advice! I will do so :slight_smile: probably gotta go to a local store and check it there since I have no other SND/RTN device at home :upside_down_face: But first I’m gonna check the cables.

sorry, the problem has been solved?

sorry for that very late response but it seems like it is caused by the Pioneer RMX500 and it is meant to be used with 100% dry/wet. I couldn’t test any other send/return FX device though to confirm it 100%…

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I have noticed the same issue with the rmx1000…with the x1800 at 50% dry/wet the record sounds like it’s being effected even when the rmx isn’t In use (but powered on)

I have this same “issue” with the RMX-500, but on a Ecler Nuo4.0 mixer. It’s a delay in the signal path - it creates a “phasing” effect (you can recreate the effect by playing the same track on 2 channels and knocking one slightly out of sync). I appreciate that this is how the Pioneer was made, but I really don’t like it, enough that I’ll be sending it back.