Select/Zoom Knob Issue. SC6000


Just wondering has anybody noticed any issue with the Select/Zoom knob on any of their players. Sometimes mine just crashes and won’t function

So if I’m scrolling though the playlist the knob won’t scroll down or up and won’t select a track when pressed this also effects the zoom in & zoom out on waveform. Back/Forward buttons above rotary knob also effected.

Just seems that area in the top right hand corner of player ceases to function. You have to turn the player on and off again for it too get it to work only for it do do it again after a while.

Could this be a Wiring/PCB fault.


Sounds like this can be completely frustrating! I’ve had the 6000M model since 2020 and never experienced this :frowning: .

What version of the firmware are you using? Also, can you post a video so the engineers can observe the behavior? How reproducible is this? Is there anything else you can describe about your environment?


I’m running latest version 3.4.0

See link below

Interesting that it lights up, meaning something is happening (think electrical contact).

Are you using the same media for both players?

Does the touch screen work (drag to scroll, slide to load, etc.) or is it frozen also?

Asking these questions to break down various components to help hone in on what’s going on.

Screen works fine. I can select the tracks with the screen and swiping across or double tapping to select track.

Using the same USB via link. The faulty unit is the one that is hosting the media (usb) I have swapped the usb but problem still happens.

Can’t really recall if the problem started after the update to be honest.

One thing to rule out hardware issues on the problematic player:

  • Do a factory reset on the problematic device, see if you can replicate.
  • Roll back to 3.3.0, see if you can replicate the problem there.
  • Try a different media source. Sometimes devices with bad sectors can sometimes cause devices to be unusable. Devices that have problems are not always reported by operating systems because of the layers of abstraction & hardware that makes all of this stuff work. Sometimes when media has trouble reading a sector or more, the host computer kinda just hangs waiting for the media to finish the read command(s). :frowning:

If you can replicate this issue with the above parameters, then yeah, i’d suggest contacting Denon to see if you can do a warranty repair or something. Again, still strange that the encoder light ring brightens when you press it, meaning it’s not an electrical contact issue on the buttons / encoder.

Thanks, Matey.

Will try these solutions out when I get home. Is a factory reset done just using the player.? Or would I have to have the unit connected to the PC. I’m guessing the rollback to 3.3.0 will be done via PC.

Rollback can be done via USB and Factory reset can be done via the settings menu (near the update/restore) feature. If you want to go “hard”, you can hold the power button for 10 seconds when booting up.