Second USB good for iPad and iPhone does it charge?

I’m curious if the second USB port will allow me to plug into my iPad or iPhone to charge and playback. If the quality would be better than just RCA to 8th Inch. Thanks for answering.


For the sake of $10 I’d just use a separate charger.

A USB buss on any host only has a certain amount of current and the controller really needs it for good USB comms.

With the new iPhones I can not use a separate charger and use it for music play back. I believe my iPad still has the 8th inch though. Eventually that would be something I know I would enjoy being able to go through USB instead of RCA.

It will maintain a current power level but not fully charge. You may see the “not charging” notice. You can purchase an adapter that lets you split to two cables or you could use a BT receiver for your controller.

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