Search problem due to unsupported languages

search problem due to unsupported languages. While it recognizes and displays the titles in Greek, when I search, the keyboard only has English. Will more languages ​​be added? I think it’s a big problem all over the world and in countries that don’t speak English or have the music collection in their language.


You could always use a tag and rename type app to change all the åçêñťęď letters back to the usual 26 upper and 26 lowercase letters - so search will work

Surely that’s down to the computer that you’re using, and the language selected in the operating system?

(as you’ve posted in the Engine DJ Mac & PC area)

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I’ve a related issue. It’s a pain to search for songs with ñ or any letter with accent mark. We need special characters support. Like be able to type “borns” so “BØRNS” shows up in the results.

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Same issue here. We need Hebrew please please please!