Search function

Hello to the Community! i have a Denon DJ SC Live 4 Controller since a few days. its my first time, i use Engine DJ. I have only one problem: My Source is a external SSD with many Folders. When i choose a folder, i can see all the tracks of this folder on the Screen. When i start the Search function and type in any lewtters, always the message “no files found” appears. Whats wrong? I have no filters activated and in the search options, i choosed Search for file name. For example: in the folder Disco are 10 tracks named Michael Jackson - XXX, When i type in the search field “Michael”, only 2 tracks were shown in the search result. I only copied the Folders from my Laptop to the SSD, is it possible, that Engine DJ must analyse this files at first? But i can see all tracks and can play them. Please help!

Somebody didn’t read the manual!

The Engine DJ software is necessary to create a database.

You are right, i am very sorry! My fault…

Now it works! But one Question i still have: I can see the folders only, when i tip on playlusts. When i tip on folders, i only see the name if the SSD and a message appears: no files in this folder, maybe contained in subfolders. How can i open the subfolders? I dont find it in the manual…

Based on your earlier post, I assume you’ve manually copied all your files and folder structure from your computer internal drive onto the SSD.

There’s no need to do that, as Engine DJ will do the organising. Import your music (stored on computer’s internal drive) to Engine DJ, then sync from Engine DJ to the SSD.

If you have copied all your files to your HDD or SSD, you can scan this in Engine DJ. This will build the database on the external drive.

If you want to use Engine DJ to pack your files to your external drive, make sure they’re all in playlists as the sync only syncs playlists and not the full library.