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Had my Prime4 since June it’s a fantastic piece of kit except the search engine don’t get me wrong it works ok but it is just so slow so I compared it to the two pieces of software I have used over the past 18 years the laptop I am using is a 5 year old Dell n7010 I5 with 6gb memory and a 240gb ssd the music is on an external Samsung 4tb 860evo ssd which is faultless the first software is PCDJ RED 5.3 I searched for a ABBA track PCDJ took 12 seconds to list all the ABBA on my load second software which I use with my MCX8000 is Virtual DJ8 looking for ABBA it was so quick I couldn’t time it the tracks were listing as I typed lastly the Prime4 fitted with an internal 4tb Samsung 860evo ssd took nearly a minute to find the abba tracks as I said it’s still very good but why the slow time I notice that the prime4 database is a .db file where as virtualdj uses an xml document file and pcdj file are .ini files I sped up the prime4 search getting it to search just for artist name only as I said I love the Prime4 but the Engine Prime software is crap it took two days to list my load and kept crashing virtual does the same in three hours using my desktop computer which is an 8 core i5 my music load is silly large at nearly 3tb as I don’t like to throw anything away please Denon sort the engine software out

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Have you tested to uncheck other tags like:“year, title, lenght, comment, bpm …” …

You can set this by pressing the little circled triangle. Change that to artist only, and it should be faster in search mode.

If you search for a title - change it to title only …

Or if you search by year - check only the year.

It´s slow, because it cross check every entered search, with all tags at the same time. And that makes no sence, because why search the tag title for “ABBA”, when it is the artist :wink:

as I said in my post the prime4 was set to look at only artists names and it still took almost a minute to find the tracks I also tried it at my normal settings which is artists and track title only again a minute or so to search and find Abba. I know I have a very large collection of music on the internal 4tbSSD and I am asking a lot from the Prime4 but it is so slow compared to a laptop and software as I said even my old setup using PCDJ RED 5.3 from 2002 on a 5 years old i5 dell laptop running windows7 only took 12 seconds Virtual DJ 8 on same laptop plugged into a MCX8000 the search is instant trtacks popping up as I type. Don’t get me wrong I love the Prime4 and it works really well it’s Engine Prime software that’s terrible at the moment

okay … thats true. its very lame at the moment. I have 50.000 track database at the moment on 1TB SSD from Sandisk. Yea, it is slower than the other software I used in the past. But it´s not too slow, to work with it. I have my Thumbs pressed, that they will speed up the database in the future.

My good will on this hardware is strong - xddddd (hope they also will fix the database stucture in the music folder, so we can use our normal HD-Directory/File-Structure there, too. - And Engine will take it as it is - in its database)

You can go here and like the suggestion:


This may be fixed on the new firmware released yesterday. Very fast compared to previous version.

However, test extensively before using it live or DON’T use it live, as I’ve had other issues pop up and downgrading to previous version. You may not have any problems.