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I am new on this forum and i need a quick answer because i d like to buy a pair of SC5000 in these days… I have been using Traktor for many years, building and organizing my collection using “Comment” tag. For me it works like this, i give you an example: i am playing and i need something that wlll shake the dancefloor? i search on my comment “tribal” or i need something with a sweet voice to create more harmony? i search on my comment “female” …that’s my way to play. At the moment i almost don’t know the title of many track that i play, and i this way i can play by mood or kind of sound tagged in my comment.

So the question is: at the moment is it possible to search by the QWERTY mode on SC5000 typing my tags? is it possible filter tracks by my comments or tags? I tried to explain my need at the best of my poor english… Thank you in advance for answering me.

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Hi @Pillola Apologies for the delayed reply.

You can use the ability to search by comment in Engine Prime. Then you can pre-organize your tracks using Crates and Playlists by the results of your comment searches. For example, if you have 3 major comments - “High Energy”, “Starters” and “Chill Out”, you can search for each of them and then create a crate based up on that each name.

But @paul_denondj - could it be done the way I think Pillola means…? On the fly, directly from the SC5000 when on a gig! It can be difficultt to sit home and build 5000 crates and therefor it could be way more effevtive. Lets be honest - Engine Prime aint the quickest car on the road, and updating crate after crate, can take several hours, even if you only need to transfer/ update10 tracks. Could it be a future feature, and is it something you already have in mind?


Thank you for answering @paul_denondj, but creating playlist as you suggest it’s a way but this is not the right way to solve the problem, searching by comment permit to play also tracks that you don’t know so well and it’ s very important. And it should be possible on the fly, exactly in the same way as searching a name of a song or artitst. Is there any possibility that this feature will be implemented soon?

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If the comment is only a few words, I would suggest putting it in the track name to solve this fast. On the other hand, if it’s an detailed description of the track, then yeah, search by comment would be very welcomed.

Then again, it’s all a matter of preparation. Some only categorize their collection by year, decade. Others by genre, feel, slow, fast, early play, primetime play etc. Or combinations of all above.

My opinion: as a DJ you must know all your music; inside out; blindly even. If that means you need to know 100000 tracks, but cannot, than perhaps you have too much music and just need to tone it down…

I get your idea with the tag in the Trackname, but if you like me is trying to keep it nice and neat, it would only irritate me that I had to do such a thing when there is a Comment-field. At this moment one cant search by comments or even by ratings (which also is a shame) on the fly. Those are limited to Engine Prime I suggest that they get this incoporated into the SC5000s as it would improve the tool for djs being able to do so.

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Same here. I know my tracks so don’t use comments (yet). :sunglasses: In Traktor I used somekind of rating, but didn’t found it useful.

But a collection needs to be very neat and full of useful info, so I really see this as a good feature request.

The reason I mainly mentioned to change track name, is that even Mojaxx puts bpm value in the track name. I find this kinda weird btw. but if it helps searching tracks, why not.

Then again, if Engine Prime already has this function, the SC firmware could/would/should soon follow. :nerd_face:

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