SDXC 128 GB exFAT not recognized

Do you know if there is a limit to the SDXC capacity that can be used in Prime 4? I checked in the user guide, but it doesn’t specify any capacity limit.

I ask you this because previously I used a 64GB SDXC and it was recognized without problems. Instead I recently purchased a 128GB SDXC (exFAT) but it is not seen by the console. It is read and written correctly by Engine Prime but when the memory is inserted into the console, it cannot read it.

Hello @DjAj,

I could not tell you about the Prime 4, but, if it helps, I have 2 SC5000M units, and with a SanDisk Extreme card - SD UHS-I Memory Card, 256 GB, up to 150MB/s, I have no reading problems in the unit, that is, the units reads it correctly, once prepared with Denon Engine 1.5 and, of course, with the format that comes from home, exFAT.

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Thanks @jatoro for your answer. I was able to solve the problem and finally I can read the 128 GB SDXC.

I deleted the original partition in the SDXC, then I created a new partition, then I formatted in exFAT, then I copied all the contents of the old 64GB to the new 128GB. Now it works. Perhaps the original partition was not good for Engine OS, although in Windows and EnginePrime it gave no errors.

That’s interesting, because I have a USB flash drive here that the Prime 4 refuses to see.

It works just fine on any computer, only has one partition and is formatted FAT32 (it’s only 512MB).

Does the usb flash drive show any startup screen on the computer when it’s plugged, or does it say that it’s encrypts the data it stores?

I have one flash drive which shows a startup screen when I plug it into Windows PCs and it just wont register on prime

No it’s just a plain and simple drive with no extra hidden bits or onboard software.

I am realizing in these months of using Engine OS, that it is a somewhat picky system: if everything is not in place it does not like it.

So I will get into the habit of deleting the partitions from any USB pendrive or SDXC, recreating it from new and then formatting the memory slowly (so as to also check any sectors): it will take longer but at least it will be a reliable system. Once all this is done, then it is no longer to be repeated, as I only use that memory for the P4.

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