Scrolling Waveform Orientation (ANSWERED)

I certainly not hope this dude also has to wait forever for a ‘2.0’ release just like the MCX8000. Hopefully the prime 4 is more stable than the first MCX units was at launch.

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@Jackson - Paul promised us regular updates in another post, so hopefully they will start doing so. :pray:

It would be most welcome! :tada::muscle:

Hey @JWiLL

All good! Such things tend to happen with new releases so it’s completely understandable and in all fairness, I should apologize for not vetting more than one source prior to posting. After reviewing the video more, I totally see the logic behind the vertical waveforms with one waveform aligning with its respective channel. I suppose for a horizontal display I was envisioning something along the lines of what the 4-up deck style appears within Traktor or simply Four horizontally stacked waveforms (or however many waveforms the user has set). The 4-up “Traktor Style” layout could still have the library in the middle, however, I could that being a problem for a 4-horizontally stacked layout. Perhaps the library column would be flushed right if that makes sense.

Regardless, I’ve opted to stick with the Prime 4 preorder and try to acclimate myself with the vertical waveform style :joy: as I really need a nice unit for gigs where my standard Prime setup won’t work due to setup/timing issues. Thanks for taking the time to listen to feedback from your user base. :beers:

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