Screen Mirroring?

Quick question.

Can you mirror the Prime 4’s display on an external monitor/tv?

Thanks, S.

No that is not possible.

Also not with the SC5000. See here:

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What would you use it for ?

The way my setup is, I have a flat screen tv on the wall directly in front of where my Prime is. Would be quite handy, maybe interesting, to see the Primes screen mirrored on the tv. Searching through tracks would be good, along with seeing larger waveforms, especially in 4 deck mode.

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There is no video out on these devices.

You could however improvise by pointing a webcam or other camera at the screen and displaying that.


A video out port is not strictly necessary, per se. One could easily “mirror” the Prime4 builtin screen to an AppleTV, Chromecast or similar device, if DenonDJ would somehow be able to provide that ability on a future software update, provided the processor/display hardware could handle of the additional workload.

This is the kind of trade off that I’d be annoyed about:- processing power for the core functionality, being lost to glamour modifications. Like you can have video out but only with the next minute of track loading init RAM and only one layer

Nice idea as long as it’s got an on -nd off switch

Yes, that’s what I meant. Thanks for clarifying.

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