Screen guard for my Prime GO?

Noticed some visible scratches on my Prime GO touch screen. Thinking of adding a screen guard/scratch guard over it. Do you think there will be any issues adding a scratch guard to the screen ?

Will there be any delays to the touch response??

Did you remove the foil? The screen itself is quite tough.

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I second Reese’s question. The thin plastic screen guard that’s in place out of the box is difficult to see, which is a good thing. I think many people, if not most, are leaving that guard on. Is there a chance yours is still on? Under normal usage, I could see where the screen guard would be more likely to show scratches much sooner than the actual screen itself. It’s one of those simple things that’s easy to overlook.

May I also ask, what are you transporting the unit in? Any cloth you’re using to clean the screen (outside of the one included) could play a role in it too.

To answer your initial question, I’ve not been actively searching, but as far as in general on the forums, I’ve personally not seen or heard of any screen guards available for purchase as of yet. I’m sure they’ll pop up at some point!

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thanks. i had few sractches on the screen protection foil/guard that comes with the controller. Replaced it with a new one. Its been a week and the new one already has plenty of scratches. Might have to live with it. Its cool as long as its not on the actual screen.

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You’re right about that! Replacing the guard can be a minor inconvenience, but having to send the unit in to get the main screen replaced would be a major pain!