Screen Brightness:

Hi - does anyone know if there are different settings for screen brightness in different builds of the MXC8000?

In mine I only get Low/Mid/High screen brightness…but in YouTube videos I have seen some people are able to adjust by % -…ie. reduce from 100% to 80% to avoid the screen freeze issues.

Is that a region build thing? or a Firmware/Software update thing?


After firmware 2.0 it is no longer adjusted by% and only those options are available, that is, high / medium / low which I consider a setback but it is only my opinion


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Thanks El Corsario. I agree it isn’t nearly as good a fix. Dropping to 80% seemed to work for most people and was still pretty bright. Mid is OK-ish. Thanks AB

I had the percentage option and did firmware update now i dont… frustrating…