Scratching / Play NOT working - help please

MC7000 - I’ve been everywhere in here and online. I’ve adjusted platter sensitivity, I’ve tested that I’m plugged into grounded outlets, I’ve taken my shoes off, I’ve done absolutely everything I can think of but I’m still having the issue. The vinyl button is on, I got to scratch and it acts weird (both platters), and then won’t scratch it moves like a jog and then it won’t play when pressing the play button. For play to operate correctly I restart software, turn off vinyl mode and then don’t attempt to scratch. I can search through the songs using the platter or needle drop and works perfectly just doesn’t work with scratching which I really need.

I’m using a Microsoft surface to powered USB hub. Hard drive is external portable Toahiba Canvio.

Any and all ideas are absolutely welcome. I’m close to giving up and trying a different brand but I’ve always been Denon since 2003! Thank you.

Hi @dj_kinder1988,

Thanks for posting! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your MC7000.

I’m a little concerned about the performance of your Surface tablet. Any chance you have tested this with a different computer? Or could you confirm that another controller with touch-capacitive platters works well with this tablet? These computers have a wide range of capacity depending on the model, so it would be worth testing with a different computer if possible.

My surface is a Surface 3 with Windows 10 Pro - Intel Core i5-4500U CPU @ 1.90GGHz with 8gb of RAM. 64 bit operating system. While this is a 2 in 1 tablet PC, it’s specs seem to be to and above Serato specifications - are Windows 10, i3, i5 or i7 processor with at least 1.07 GHz, at least 4gb of RAM and available USB 2.0. Thoughts? The only thing that doesn’t match 100% is my one USB plug on my surface is a 3.0 instead of 2.0 but would that cause this issue?

it could! Touch-capacitive problems like this are either a symptom of system connectivity as a whole or a hardware failure. I’d hate to tell you to contact support without at least testing with a different computer. It may also be good to know:

  • Has this always been a problem with this controller? If not, what changed?
  • Is the tablet connected to a power supply while this is happening? Does the response change if it’s disconnected?

Try a different laptop. Could be the surface. I know for a fact that Serato didn’t support the Windows book for a while, not sure if that still obtains.

Looks like it does now