SC6k simul layer

Hi, is it possible to configure the second SC6k as a ‘‘layer B’’ (only to view the wave) on the first SC6K (both in singe mode) and viceversa? Thanks

No stacked waveforms across players :+1:

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Uhm… sad news. We got 4 waves on in a SC LIVE 4 and no way to choose what wave to see on two SC6000 in link? It is a sin. Probably this is THE ONLY reason of the competitor success against Denon

The only player on the market with stacked waveforms is the CDJ3000. I’m not sure this is a huge advantage, looking at players setup on many stages, I don’t see a lot of users using stacked waveforms on CDJ 3000’s. I personally hate it.

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You look as a Pioneer Sponsor. :smile: If the SC is able to stack with a 2nd layer it is only a software problem, easily solvable on the Engine. The two device are now well linked in single mode

Nope, I personally don’t like the stacked waveforms, when I play on 3000’s I keep it always disabled. For me it is useless.

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OK, please, do you know how it is possible to remark this to the coders of the Engine OS about this important implementation?

Despite personal opinions (also dont like it)

There is a feature request about this in the Feature Request forum. If you think you need this feature you can vote for it. If its popular enough InMusic will maybe add it to their roadmap and implement it.


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Thank you Johan

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Define popular :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I checked that number after I typed the above :face_holding_back_tears: