SC6K Not Connecting MIDI in Serato DJ Pro

I put in a support ticket but am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

I am having trouble getting my sc6000m media players to connect in Serato DJ Pro 3.0.7.

I am on a 14" MBP M2 running Ventura 13.2.1 (22D68). The SC6000 is on the latest Denon OS 3.1.1. This is all connected to Serato via the USB hub on my Pioneer DJM S7.

The connection is intermittent, and it is becoming very difficult the get one player to connect. First, I connect my S7 without issues. Then, after putting the SC6000 in USB mode, I plug in one media player to the back of the S7. Then I am receiving an error message about the midi device not connecting. When this happens, the mixer disconnects from Serato.

I am using factory cables and a usb c chroma cable to connect the S7 to the MBP. I am struggling to find a rhyme or reason. I tried different USB cables. Maybe its a low voltage issue.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

What if you connect the 6000 to a different hub?


Search for the “Serato Midi Troubleshooting”guide

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Thank you, I haven’t tried a hub, as I have to buy one. Denon support contacted me right away. I am still waiting on Serato. I’ll report back with a solution if found.

The solution was to use thw sc6k hub and not the puoneer s7 usb hub. Its still finicky but works better.

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