SC6000s with DJX-1850 - Buggy?

I have two SC6000s (running Engine DJ v2.3.2) and a DJX-1850 mixer (running firmware v1.5). I also have 2 LC6000s (one off each SC6000).

My left SC6000 is plugged in via Ethernet to port 2 of the mixer, to allow layer B to be assigned to channel 1 and A to be assigned to channel 2. My right SC6000 is connected to Ethernet port 3, allowing layer A to be on channel 3, and layer B to be on channel 4. Then the mixer is connected to switch and my home network. I presume this ordering might impact which fader is controlling Engine Lighting in the deck running it?

When I start Engine Lighting on the left SC6000, it rarely works properly. In the “connection status” section of the settings, I’d expect to see the Player 1 and Player 2 lights lit up. It works once in a while, but often one (or both!) decks aren’t showing up as “connected” (even the one where Engine Lighting is running).

When I use my upfaders in this state, sometimes one channel will activate the lights, sometimes none.

I’ve tried various startup sequences, but nothing is reliable. Once in a while I get lucky and all 4 channels trigger the lights as expected and it stays stable for that session.

I tried to disable WiFi on the decks to ensure that all data is going out over the physical Ethernet ports, but I’m not sure that did anything.

What else can I try? It surely can’t be this difficult?

Hey, Your connection with the players and mixer seems correct. Do you use the Basic or Pro version of SS? I have a feeling that your connection to the additional LAN switch and your home network could interfere here. Don’t know what lights you use, but disconnect your cable to the home network and try SS just with the DMX dongle. If you using just HUE lights maybe just connect via wifi and try it again.

Also try your set up without a second layer first. So just the SC6000 with one deck.

I assume you use the internal SS of the players not a laptop?