SC6000's? What's the scoop?

Hey everyone. I just ordered a fresh set of sc6000’s and a X1850 and was just curious if anyone actually has a set of these yet and how they are working. They are quite delayed being shipped and that’s fine, but haven’t seen much from Denon of shipment dates. And looking on line I haven’t seen much from people talking about using them. No youtube videos or anything like that of people actually using them. Anyone got any buzz on the new gear?


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You may be in for a long wait, like some of us


where did you order from?

I’m in Canada and was told September some time. I dont mind waiting honestly. I was more curious if anyone had them yet and have been using them. I’m guessing they haven’t really been released anywhere yet?

depending on when you have you put your order in will make a difference two online shops told me their first batches have sold out so if you pre order now could be the 2nd or 3rd batch which may push the date back further

I ordered from West End DJ in UK

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I’m considering ordering 2 SC6000 to go with my 2 SC5000M and X1800, the bigger screens will be a bonus for my older eyeballs.

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Just ordered the 6Ks :heart_eyes:


One of these days we are all going to be happy little djs getting our new kit :slight_smile:


Any Update From West End DJ themselves by any chance ? I was thinking about ordering from their but being in Ireland I wasn’t sure what delivery would add on and now they are delayed. Have you heard anything from their at all?

The last time I asked they said end of June / early July, but obviously thats gone. I’ll drop them another line soon to see if they have heard anything.

Colin I used DJBOX in Ireland when I purchased my sc5000m and x1800 package and I found them to be extremely helpful, I will not than likely be getting my 6000s from them too.

They are based in Tallaght in Dublin and delivered them free of charge.

I was thinking about using an Irish company also and to support local , always good if something goes wrong too . I did notice a big difference in price getting them from UK when you check conversion so I was going to find out delivery to see does it match up out of curiosity. Might try Dj Box though id rather a service as straight forward as possible . Cheers for the reply :+1:

+1000 on djbox.

And they match Thomann and official UK prices as well.

Mark is a sound guy. I didn’t buy my primes from them though as they don’t offer trade ins.

But if I was doing a straight purchase I would have.

Mark sorted me out to, i did all my purchasing online via bank transfer and he kept me in the loop, sound guy.

Unfortunately Thomann took my money for my Traktor S4 Mk III and said they shipped only to tell me 2 weeks later they hadn’t shipped, needless to say i will never shop with them again.

Appreciate the replies lads , gonna try get on it as soon as , all we need now is a release date whenever that will be .:+1::+1:

Does anyone that actually works for Denon reply in these forums? Seems like they dont really reply in these chats.

My retailer has advised me today the 6000s are being released in Europe 15th August which is long but better than October

If you register on the DJBOX website you can add them to the wishlist and they will let you know when they are in stock.

Yes! There are some great guys from Denon here. As I said on another post, Denon is the #1 interested in releasing the 6000’s on the market as soon as possible. Surely they need the money of the sales. Covid is a HUGE blow in electronics industry. A delayed supply of a single component can put some products on hold for months - components are made all over the world so it’s a very complicated logistics chain. Some countries are in lockdown, some not. Working with computer hardware sales, I can feel their pain.